Who We Are

PALM/etto Collective is a workshop series dedicated to encouraging environmental and social action through art by developing workshops that connect participants with their artistic faculties, relate ecology to artistic practice, and facilitate an open dialogue about local concerns, culture, and geography. Based in Tallahassee, FL, this series aims to work with organizations and individuals within the community conducting similar projects in order to connect people, establish creative relationships, and inspire new ideas for the future. 


Why PALM/etto  Collective?

The title “PALM/etto Collective” is an homage to the clonal plant common to Florida. The palmetto is a plant whose trunk sprouts multiple leaves, each leaf containing a series of linked leaflets from a single origin point (the petiole). We work to mimic the palmetto–its desire to continue sprouting in many directions, branching off into smaller segments as collaborations emerge and grow, as well as serving as a hub for (social) pollination and maintaining diversity. 



PALM/etto seeks to connect community members with their inherent artistic faculties by using placemaking activities and self-expression to increase awareness of the local ecology and culture, reframing perceptions of how environmental and social action can manifest, and understanding what we and our art and relationships are capable of.


Theory of Change

The smallest exposure to anything new has potential to develop something great. A new art technique, perception, or collaborative effort can stem into something tangentially related, or something entirely unique; such is the story of PALM/etto. Introducing art practices through a lens of environmentalism, participants may cultivate the ability to begin seeing their art through their own ecological context, considering the tools they have at their disposal in their neighborhoods.

It is not enough, however, to limit this knowledge to a specific place or time; instead, making public the means of creation. Zines are an integral part of PALM/etto, as they provide the tools necessary to enable participants to continue creating on their own. Their lack of rules regarding form or publication allow the knowledge to exist so that people may continue making, adding more leaflets to the palm frond.